Newbie question

ok dumb newbie question

for a flash application I inherited, see attachement, once I selected a layer, (pencil showing) how do I get it displayed in the work area so I can actually edit its components, honestly I have right and left clicked everything I can see, and checked all the all menus looking for something that gets it done. this app is all static, web forms, so there’s no real timeline considerations, so I have minimized that aspect by putting it all on the left side and creating a bigger work area.

this is macromedia flash mx ver 6.0

Selecting the keyframe on the layer timeline (presuming it isn’t blank) should select any object on stage even if it’s transparent or empty at that point in it’s own timeline. You can then double click the selected centre to edit it. If you know what clip is on this layer you could also select it in the library and proceed from there.

thanks, turns out I didn’t realize had to click the frame icon on top of the layers list instead of the frame icon right there for that layer:eek:
also have to time open enough to also click/select the time for the layer even though its static
any recommendations for action script tutorials?, it looks like java script has some great tutorials. Actionscript is based on ecmascript which javascript is too, however actionscript 3 is more like java in that it’s strictly typed and object orientated.