Stupid question about layers

Is there any way to check how big a certain layer on a psd is? I have downloaded this flat style macbook pro psd to use in my portfolio. But dont know the easiest way to fit my screen cap of the websites ive made into the screen in the picture… (hope someone understand what i mean).

Is there a trick or do i have to cut and paste until it fits perfectly?

(photoshop noob)

thanks beforehand.

i dont know what you mean by ‘size of a layer’. so here are a couple of answers

  1. to find out the DIMENSIONS of a document… IMAGE> IMAGE SIZE

  2. if you want to know the dimensions of a transparent object in a layer, select the object in whichever way is most convenient, copy it to a new document ( excess transparent pixels will be omitted automatically) … then do step 1

hope that helps

With your “Marquee” tool, select the area you want your screencaps to fit into. Your “info” window will show you the width and height. You can then change the “image size” of your screencaps and drag them in.