Percentage of traffic from Twitter?

Hi, I just want to ask everyone if how much traffic your Twitter account can drive to your website? Percentage or numbers will do.

For me it is 30% and of course, i can be sure that it is purely depend on the number of active followers.

From Twitter we get 60% of traffic,because most the peoples use the mobile phones so we get more traffic from it.

I think it depends on your twitter followers and community. If you have many followers and if your tweets are very interesting, I’m sure they’ll love to visit your site.

I would say 45% on the average … Though its keep on fluctuating. Sometimes, when you cannot devote good time to your twitter account traffic dwindles. But active participation gives you good return.

i get 10% but twitter visitor is not permanent.They also increase my site bounce rate.I think organic visitors are the real visitor

Thanks for the response everyone. I also get a good percentage from twitter. But it’s not as steady as I wanted, we need to be active and consistently posting interesting updates to drive more traffic to our site.

Got generally 50% of traffic…but it could be increase by increasing the number of your twitter friends.

for me its o :wink:

I get only 5% of traffic per month…I must incrase twitter friends…

Mine is 10-15% visitors from twitter. Any tips to increase it?

There sure are. Just take a read through some of the existing threads in this forum.

You can try tweinds , and make it more spefic

25% for me. I notice that if I am not active at some time, percentage decreases also. That is why it is very important to post updates from time to time.

As far as the Twitter plays the role to gain traffic in shape of percentage of my total traffic is 20%. It is improving day by day.

I have good number of followers on twitter but unfortunately am not getting good traffic from twitter:(
But am getting good traffic from facebook, Stumble upon and digg :slight_smile:

I m getting 10% of traffic from twitter… :slight_smile:

Twitter followers may have the potential to be more valuable than Facebook fans in the future. Twitter followers are more likely to buy from brands they follow (37% vs. 21%), and recommend brands to friends (33% vs. 21%)

My website gets 10 % of traffic from twitter, it is really strong media to get traffic. Looking forward to increase the traffic.

its around 55-60%…you may use google analytics for this purpose :slight_smile: