Twitter not sending any traffic to my website even i have 2500+ followers

Hi friends you can watch my twitter profile with username “vivekinfo” . I have 2600+ followers not spam even they reply to my updates but when I have seen my analytics account no visitors from twitter from last 1 month. I am daily updating on twitter and also give response to my followers can somebody tel me to gain traffic from it ?

You should set up tracking links for the URLs you’re going to tweet. You can’t rely on just looking for the twitter domain in the reports as most active Twitter users don’t use the Twitter website to read updates. If they’re coming from a desktop or phone client, they won’t have a referrer at all.

ok i will remember your instruction…thanks for reply

Hey vaby43!

I am certainly not a social media guru but after looking at your Twitter account, I’ll tell ya what I think anyway! :slight_smile:

You’re driving all your followers to other people’s sites via retweets and links. The only link you’ve got to your site is in your bio, which is important, but you’re not giving anyone any compelling reason to check out your site. If you followed me, I would check out our site once (when deciding to follow you or not) but that would be it.

The link to your site in your bio goes to a single post too instead of the home page which is odd.

If you want people hitting your site, tweet about it! Don’t pound people with repeat tweets though. I just unfollowed a person today because they tweeted the exact same tweet repeatedly over a few minutes.

Again, I’m no social media guru but I have some thoughts. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! I forgot one thing! Make sure your followers are like-minded people.

I agree with Dan =)

same here. my twitter id is @mastermysite and i’m also not getting any traffic from my twitter page to my website

May be they come from service (check the referrer)?
Thats why you do not see any traffic from twitter page?

I read an article that Google analytics will not take care of twtiter traffic and will not show it. How far is it true? It may be the reason that you dint get traffic report from twitter.