PC restarts when i try to connect anything on my usb

Hi guys, after i reformat my pc from a wicked virus, my usb started not working as it use too. both the usb ports on the front and abck oy my cpu does the same. if i try to stick my flash disk, or if i connect my psp, the pc just restarts itself very similar to pushing the reset button!

ive heard that it might be the usb getting short, and they tell me to check the connection to the motherboard, but i double check and the wires look fine.

any advise? i cant make full use of my pc if i cant use the usb!

Sounds like the USB drivers, sometimes the chip set is causing a BSOD, check out event viewer.

where can i find this event viewer? is it the same as the windows error where they show you those bccode 00123GE thingy?

Event Viewer can be found in Administrative Tools, control panel or start menu.
It is also in Computer Management (right-click Computer > Manage)

Or maybe there is a virus on the usb stick that restarts the computer.

Hi guys, I manage to get my pc back and running just fine now. And yes, it was a driver problem, but not exactly. here’s the whole story, some people might find this useful.

I reformatted my pc with xp no service pack disc.then i installed all drivers my asus cd. then tried installing sp3 thinking it will carry over updates from sp1-2, but the sp3 installation told me i at least need sp2 before i can install sp3. so i got my sp2 copy, install sp2, then install sp3.

then i insert my usb device, booo it restarted my pc just like pressing the restart button. after much troubleshooting, i can only think of one thing. i uninstalled my sp3, and everything was fine :frowning:

so it seems that the service pack 3 redistributable version is the culprit. anyway,i just need my desktop for basic needs, so no rush to install service pack 3 for the moment.

I had a similar problem whereby, my computer would crash halfway through installing an fresh OS, I later found out that the bios had some sort of error which caused the computer to crash if anything USB was plugged into it, in my case this was the keyboard. I was a little annoyed to say the least given that this motherboard was quite high spec, yet full of bugs.