PS stops working

I have two problems and they may be the same problem.

1 - One is that the computer stops functioning normally, sometimes two or three times and an hour, sometimes every few minutes. The mouse pointer can be moved around but all else stops for anything from 10 seconds to several minutes. The last action is ignored and the pointer stays as an arrow so nothing is clickable.

2 - At any given time, sometimes after the above, a notice appears on the screen saying that a script is having a problem with the options of cancelling the script or getting it to continue. Choosing either option usually does nothing, the notice just stays there for a while and the PC refuses to do anything. I have not sent a screen shot of a notice as they usually relate to a different program each time so it seems like a generic problem rather than a problem with a particular script.

Rebooting helps but after 45 mins to an hour the problem is back.
Any help is appreciated.

XP Pro
SP 3
Room on C drive: 76 GB
Browser: FF (Sometines Chrome)

Happens to me a lot when I’m using Firefox while visiting certain web sites. Has not happened with Chrome or Opera, but I use them very little compared to FF. And, yes, I do reboot eventually but that only provides short lived relief. Best bet is to avoid the “problem” sites. Have you had the problem with Chrome?

I am running XPPro SP3. Motherboard uses an Athlon 64 X2 dual core 3.01 GHz CPU with 3.5GB RAM. Guess I’m about due for a hardware upgrade :).

You have an old pc and not much room so it may give you some problems with certain programs such as @ronpat; said because there’s not enough virtual memory.

It could be also that the computer is heating up because there’s dust inside or it could be that one of the RAM memories is faulty.

To check the RAM memory, there are softwares like MemTest that can help you (you should not trust the first though, you’ll need to leave it running for a few hours just to make sure that random problems are caught up)

To clean your computer… well, you need to open it and clean it!

Also, if you haven’t never cleaned the processor properly, you should do it now (that is, take it out of its lock, clean it and add some more of that white stuff that glues it to its fan)

Which version of the PS does this thread apply to? I suggest you downgrade you PS version to match you PC hardware.