Random Shutdown?

Hey, I’m new here. My computer has this issue where it will randomly shut down for no reason. I can be running a lot of programs or only one. It doesn’t matter. IT just shuts down sometimes. Could it be from overheating or a short on the motherboard? Any help is appreciated.

It could be caused by either, or bad ram or a number of other things. Have you looked at the event logs for anything nefarious?

The Event Log doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary.

Download memtest86 and boot into it one night. Let it run overnight.

Okay. I’ll try that.

It could be something causing a bluescreen but you have it set to simply reboot / shut down without displaying the error (I have seen this as the cause of many seemingly silent and random problems). You may want to check that your machine is not set to reboot or shut down upon encountering a bluescreen.

If your computer stops at “Blue Screen of death” then may be its because of faulty ram. Overheating can be an issue. unplug everything and use compressed air can to remove dust.

Try relocating the computer to a cooler location and giving it a clean out inside of any dust (don’t forget anti-static precautions). When it is randomly rebooting, has it been on for a while?

The original poster hasn’t been back since this thread 7 months ago, he’s probably figured it out by now :smiley:

I hate it when someone ask for a solution then don’t come back if he or she finds one. I mean if any suggestions got it correct, its only right that he acknowledge it.