Paywalling access to online video content

I’m building a website and would need to create some way of selling an online video presentation. Meaning visitors would pay for access and then be re-redirected to a page where they would be able to view the video content.

I’m wondering if there are any simple solution on how to set this up?

My idea was to sell “video access” as a product, for which visitors would pay through PayPal and then they would be redirected to a page on my site where they would be able to view it.

But this is a dirty solution with some problems, so I’m wondering if anybody has any better ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks.

There are some third party services that make this really easy, such as Vimeo.

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Thanks. I didn’t know Vimeo offers paywalling. I really appreciate your help and advice! :slight_smile:

Can you explain more what you see as the issues?

Not sure I follow what problems you are trying to solve…

As a web developer I hear this question frequently. I would suggest an open source approach.

Using Drupal which is a CMS or content management system, this is a pretty easy thing to do. You can create a members only account. Once you do this, setting up paid subscription services becomes pretty easy. The alternative to Drupal is wordpress. Several plugins can also accomplish paid subscription pretty easily.

Using pre-existing services like vimeo does not show commitment to your content. That just does not show you have professional content. If your using a standard service to charge for access to your content your probably under selling your services. People do not build trust with companies using standard approach solutions very easily. Content marketing requires some investment, either time, or money. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.

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