Need your suggestions

Client that i built a website for is looking to have a page where they can sell/view a video online…its a woodworking video to be exact. Here are the details from the clients mouth…

“What we want to do is allow customers to view the video online for $4.95. If they would like to purchase a hard copy after viewing it we will charge them an additional $10. For those who want to buy a hard copy without first viewing it online we will charge the full $14.95.”

I will be hosting this video, i have the bandwidth for it and their traffic isnt all that high. What could be my options for something like this? Im also not against having the video hosted elsewhere if needed. I run their website off of a self hosted wordpress install.

So, what are my options?

The solution I can think of is a promo code being displayed at the end of the video which tells them that they can get the hard copy for $10, that should also be a good teaser for them.

You just need to make your shopping cart or your payment interface take the price of the video off when that promo is inserted.

The bad thing about this is: They can share their promo code with their friends and have it work.

To get around that, you can have a unique promo code for each and every purchase, and allow it to only be used once. You can send the clients that promo code in an e-mail after they buy the video.

I talked the client out of it. Its a bad idea.

I know WHMCS allows you to manage downloadable content after a purchase.

Something to consider.