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I have a WordPress site where I want to sell access to some video tutorials. The videos are actually hosted on and are often updated, so upon purchase I just want users to be able to view the videos and not download them.

Can someone recommend a good plugin to use whereby the users can make a PayPal payment and are then brought to a page where they can access the videos they purchased? Looking for a really simple purchase process for the users. I’m guessing buyers need to create an account so they can login at anytime to access videos they’ve already purchased?

I imagine there’s lots of options out there, but hope I can get some recommendations.


Hey, if you haven’t already checked them out have a look at these plugins

Maybe these will be of help

to prevent user from downloading your videos its best to have vimeo, so once you sell access to your videos,you must approve other vimeo user on your account to watch your videos. That way you avoid being cracked. That can be done with Joomla,not sure if it can be done with WP. Imo wp is for blogs, not the business, but that IMO


You can also check this new plugin:

Hope this will help!

I suggest you look at Vimeo Pro to prevent download of the videos and a membership plugin like S2 member or Easy Digital Downloads.

its also worth checking out woocommerce its a good ecommerce plugin that should do what you need.

Both have given the best answer so far go for it buddy…

Thanks everyone

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