Help With Developing an online streaming website

Thank you guys for helping me out here, i really appreciate it.

Ill start off by explaining what i want to do in terms of the features i
want in the website then I’ll tell what i need your assistance with.

First off, the website i want to develop will stream videos that i host
(either through a platform or self host) to users, users who stream the
videos choose either to watch for free (they have to log in with
facebook) but they will have to watch in video un skip-able ads (similar
to youtube). Or the user can choose to pay a monthly subscription and
dont get to watch any ads, but they get a max number of views of example
50 views a month. Also free users and premium users( who finished their
quota) can Pay Per View to watch a video with no ads.

So what i just explained is the features i need to provide to my
customers, my problem is im not sure which video hosting platform should
i use. Ive checked out Brightcove, JW platform and Ooyala. They all
seem to not say their actual cost, but i can imagine its pretty high.

What do you guys think? what service should i use? and what set of
software will i need? I need the video platform, and i need the Ads
platform and hosting service. What have you guys experienced.

Again I’m very thankful for your support guys.

Vimeo Pro maybe? £159/year -

Im looking to develop my own streaming service to embed the videos to my website with my own ad exchange.

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