Payment Provider

I’m looking for a payment system similar to PayPal where you can send users to an external site to pay and then bring them back to your site after the transaction. I’d really like something without all the external branding like PayPal has with their logo everywhere. I’d like to avoid systems that make the users sign up for their own accounts, e.g. PayPal and Google Checkout. Anyone know of any companies like that?

They just redid their website and there are some pages that aren’t online yet. Are you looking for a test account to code to, or did you want info on setting up a gateway account?

where is the sign up button??

Another good choice is and their SWP Checkout solution. In addition to the PCI compliant secure checkout, they also have some very interesting payment tokenization and other strategies to processing your payments securely while minimizing your application’s scope to the PCI security standards.

Thanks for the site, Tin. CDG Commerce looks pretty good and their 1 step PCI compliance is what I was looking for. Anyone know of anything else like this?

I would suggest CDG Commerce. We currently use this as our primary credit card processor. All the transactions can be done on their side, therefore you having to worry about PCI compliance.

I’d love to get a real merchant account but right now we’re having trouble since it’s a new business and most want a years worth of transaction data. The external site is mainly to avoid PCI compliance issues for now until we get some customers and funds and can justify the expense of a merchant account.

If you do enough monthly volume, get a real merchant account underwritten by a bank, and a payment gateway. While most people would implement the gateway’s API using a shopping cart or something like that to take the payment directly on their site, most gateways do offer some kind of hosted payment pages without any branding.

Why is it you want to send the users to an external site but don’t want this external site to have any branding? This can be a trust issue for your users… the address bar shows an unfamiliar URL and without a well-known brand like PayPal, they don’t know to trust their credit card information to this unknown site.