Business Advice For Payments Please?

Hello to all entrepreneurs here! Kinda need your help. I own a small fashion store.
I’m afraid to get defrauded. I heard a nearby store with same business like mine had problems with it. I am wondering how that things happened but I can be a victim too. so I am planning to find a solution beforehand. I’d like to accept credit cards especially on mobile transactions but I want to use the highest methods of security. How I can monitor online orders? Any reliable providers that you know? Your business advice to me is really needed. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion…

There are tons of reliable providers of ecommerce services, from carts to payment gateways etc. If you’re asking about online commerce / websites etc. then this is the right place to ask, but you need to be more specific about what you are asking.

There are various online payment gateway you can trust that are providing 99.99% safe transection option like PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet & 2CheckOut.

Below are few points which you need to keep in mind that while choosing a payment gateway provide.

  1. How much payment option does he support provide.
  2. Does they have branch or office in your nearby area or in country.
  3. Make sure that Payment gateway has ssl certification.
  4. Compare the charges of transaction.
  5. Customer Care Support (Like Live Chat, Email & Call etc.)

It’s okay now. I went to a consultant and she referred me to a company. I’ll be meeting with them next week. Any suggestions about what I should ask them?

Hey you can use Social media platform for this and for strong security make your own app and use it.:blush:

Perhaps you could elaborate, @RuchaVantage, as I can’t see how this relates to the OP’s question.