Accepting CC Payment For Clients On Our Site

Hello All,

I’ve been searching around and haven’t been able to find anything on this subject.

I’m in the process now of integrating credit card processing into our site. I’ll be using a third party processor to handle the transactions and think I have the functional/code part of what I want to do worked out. I want to know before I invest too much either time or money into this is if we can accept credit card payments on our site for multiple clients. The clients would obviously have their own accounts set up with the processing company. The payments would be wholly distributed to the client. We would be charging the clients a separate charge per “user” (the person making the CC payment) for management and administration of our service.

We should be able to satisfy all of the processors requirements with some php/mySQL to customize all of the information required for who/where the payments would be going to and for what.

Our company by the way is located in the US. And all of our clients and users would be as well.

Just curious if this is doable like I said before I invest too much time or money. The “Oh yeah, sure, we can do that” answer I’m getting from the sales people at the processing companies isn’t giving me too much confidence one way or the other.

Any insight would be appreciated.


  • Craig

Integrating Paypal’s website payments standard is reasonably straight forward. Have a look on their website.

Yeah, I currently am using Paypal. The processing company through my bank is offering a much lower cost per transaction though.