Paying for Internet Marketing Services

I am a little new on this forum section & at the same time new to Internet Marketing. I have recently had a look at some paid services and I wanted to know if it’s worth spending a little money on them. The ones I found were Market Samurai, WordTracker, KeyWord Discovery. I also checked out SEOMoz, but the price tag for that one was far too steep.

Is it worth paying for this? It’s likely that I am going to try the free trial for all these products, if nothing else, to learn something new.

NO way the tools you have mentioned are the paid tools for keyword research.But if you want free keyword research tool you can use adword tool but if you want best results you can pay and use the tools because there are some features which you will not get in free version if any one of the above mentioned tool is giving you free trial for 15-30 days.At last my suggestion would be first study the tool which you will gonna used and then buy it.

I am using Market Samurai. This is an extended version of Google Adwords tool. This gives me the best keywords to select. It gives you the title competition, seo competion, searches, etc. They charge a one time fee. There is no renewal required.

As you are new to internet marketing, I will give you a simple answer: NO.
It is NOT worth spending any dime on tools as long as you dont know what you are doing.
Just start learning internet marketing and go with free ones, as soon as you got a clue
about what you do, you can decide if it is useful to buy one of these tools or not.
By the way I am pretty successful for a while and never used paid tools myself.