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Suggest a best key word research tool for my SEO company, So far we've used Google adwords keyword tool. As it was shutdown, we are not comfortable with keyword planner. It doesn't matter even it is paid, suggest me a best and accurate one


You can use:

wordtracker DOT com it is paid but very good one

semrush DOT com free tool but very good

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What are the changes that are making you feel uncomfortable about Keyword Planner?

For myself personally, I have shifted to use more of Ubersuggest and data from Keyword Planner to perform my keyword research.

You can find a compilation of almost all the free and freemium keyword research tools that are out there over here:

You can go through this link
it helps u.
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Generally we used google adwords keyword tool and now google adwords keyword tool have some changes and they are redirect to keyword planner tool which is provide so many type of keywords like broad keywords, small keywords, topic wise keywords and more…

Most recommended keywords suggestion tools are paid i.e. Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. You can use the trial version of Keyword Spy and even you may use Ubersuggest. Google Adwords keyword planner actually provides the competitive level according to the PPC campaigns.


Long Tail Pro is good keyword research tool,but it is paid one.These are some good keyword research tools might be useful to you.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Moz Keyword Analysis (paid)

Research Central from Raven Tools (paid)

Keyword Spy (paid)


Keyword Discovery(free and paid)


Bing’s Keyword Research Tool(free)

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool(free)


Keyword Eye(paid)

Long Tail Pro(paid)

In my opinion the best are :
Google planner,
Market Samurai.

There are so many research tools are used by SEO experts for keyword researching. Google webmaster tool is always stayed on number 1 in keyword researching tool. Some tools are paid and fewer one are free. SEMrush, Word tracker, Keyword Spy are some paid tools used for this purpose.

You can still use the Keyword Planner by Google. It is almost same as the old but with some adwords stuff added. Keyword tool is not dead actually they’ve just updated it integrated it to their adwords. :smiley:


Although Google keyword research tool is the best tool but recently i have tried keyword free version this one is also good you can also try it. Apart from this i know the paid tools like SEMrush, Wordtracker

You can use google adword keyword planner tool for keyword research.
And other keyword tool which is considered to be best is SEM rush keyword tool

The Best Keywords Searching Tools are :

  1. Keyword Planner
  2. keyword Spy
    3.Word Stream
  3. KeywordEye

Word tracker and market samurai are the my favorite . But before do any kws research i usually go for adwords keyword planner first.

Hello buddy, I’m also new to SEO.
The tool that I’ve used as of the moment are Google Adword Keyword Planner and Market Samurai. For url harvesting, you could try Scrapebox.

Hello Everyone,

As we know, Google Keyword Tool is vanished before few months and many SEO’s are getting troubled while doing Keyword Research. I would like to ask which Keyword Tool you are using nowdays ? Is there any free keyword research tool ? or Should I get paid tool ?

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There are already a good number of suggestions in this thread. There are also other active threads on the same topic elsewhere in the forum, such as

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of suggestions to help you. Meanwhile, I’m closing this thread before it becomes repetitive.