Choosing the right SEO company

Is it worth investing in a good company to work on your SEO. I feel it is, but since i dont have much experience what price range should i be looking at? I see a lot of different packages and huge price gaps. I came across this company called It sounds good but i like to do my research for so i thought i would ask here. Any feedback would be appreciated.


The company you mentioned in your post, just a bunch of spammers. Now of the things they mentioned in their packages is true SEO. Just spam.

I had a feeling that was the case. just wanted to make sure.


Finding the right SEO company is tough especially if you are new to the industry. There are many companies that say they do this and do that but in the end just wastes your precious time and money. Good thing there forums such as this that helps out people like you.

Most SEO companies aren’t miracle workers. In fact, many SEO companies simply locate “un-competitive” keywords and add them in your title, meta tags and content. This is something you can do on your own. I personally wouldn’t hire an SEO company. Invest in a good keyword tool and a book on SEO.

Here’s a few rules you can go by when choosing an SEO company. Avoid the following…

  1. Anyone who says they can do the job for under £250 per month.
  2. Anyone who ever uses the word “guarantee”. They can’t guarantee anything.
  3. Companies that won’t let you sign up for a contract shorter than 12 months. Or, that don’t offer a clause that allows you to cancel after 6 months if you’re not happy.

Look at the clients a company currently has. How well do they rank? How big are the company? I’d personally much rather sign up for an SEO company with 20 large clients than 300 small ones.

Failing that, get a book and learn yourself. Two great books to start are “SEO for dummies” and “The Art of SEO”. you can pick them both up from Amazon for around £15 each.

You guys are right. You get what you pay for. I think i’ll pick up those books and do it on my own. i’m pretty good at figuring all these things out. I will invest my money on other things i need.

I think you give the good suggestion but …think about the professionalism…you know if you do SEO without knowledgeable it may be harm your website or penalized your website in search.

So its my suggestion, you should hire a professional SEO company to proper optimization according to Google guideline.


webexceldigital you are right. everyone has there expertise. I’m gonna do as much as i can on my own and then go to a professional once i’m farther along. Do you know of any reputable companies?

Hire a good SEO company is really a brainstorming task. We may also hire a company at fix price rate, I think it is the best option to deal with SEO company.

anybody know of a good company to contact?

No one on this forum can give you any such thing as a good SEO companies. Anyone who provides a company would just be a self-promoting spamer. My advice is to ignore those proclaiming you should go with some SEO company.

I hear ya… thanks

lol… I’m in financial services… just go to my site and you will see. actually just picked up “SEO for dummies”. I’m just very skeptical about SEO companies and not really sure if its worth it. I don’t have tons of money to throw around so anything i can do on my own is a plus.

Is there any recommended SEO companies anyone has used before. I’m looking for a good one aswell and currently comparing prices.

Search Engine Optimisation companies are worth the money usually as it is more or less a full time job ensuring the website is made search engine friendly and constantly adapting to their algorithms. You just have to fish for the right company and do plenty of research before-hand. Without SEO companies you may not necessarily see your search engine positions rocket up the pages.

just look out for the client details and services offered with the report .if possible intereact with the client or two for getting results verified will help to pick a pearl from ocean

Hell yes. I find that some firms that do debatable work - yet are well known - have a garbage blog. And almost without exception, the garbage firms have garbage blogs. New, unique ideas are a sign of quality, imho.

Well finding a result oriented SEO company is really a headache, but if you really wanna hire a SEO company then you must have to check their previous task analyze their optimized website by checking their link building reports because now days every one becomes a SEO guru with a short and little knowledge.