Own Original Content or use other websites Widgets?


I am currently using another websites widget to display information on my website. But this is not original and there may be other websites using the same information.

Would I benefit from using my own information - making it original content?



Is it the main content of the site, of just a minor part?

Yes. Duplicate content is bad for SEO, original content is good.

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Duplicate content is only ad if it’s your own content on multiple pages of your own site, otherwise news sites would be toast.

If it’s a widget containing external followed links then you might want to consider removing it.

[quote=“Google Webmaster Central Blog”]
There are some penalties that are related to the idea of having the same
content as another site—for example, if you’re scraping content from
other sites and republishing it, or if you republish content without
adding any additional value. These tactics are clearly outlined (and
discouraged) in our Webmaster Guidelines[/quote]
Google does not like plagiarism.

I’m not sure, but perhaps there are different considerations for news sites, as News is a search category of its own. But I think it just favours the original creators. Eg, Wiki has loads of copy-cat scrapers, but ranks really well on many subjects.

Matt, Try to make your content on that widget… Duplicate made as your site copied and it’s spoil trust level of your website.

Unique content makes your quality of the website high.

That’s rather an over-simplification. The content itself needs to be high-quality as well as unique.

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