Duplicate Content vs Original Content

We are a distributor of medical and dental equipment. As such, a lot of our content (for example, product descriptions) is based on information we get from our manufacturers. I’m sure other distributors of medical and dental equipment do the same thing.

Will we punished by the search engines for having duplicate content? If so, to what extent do we have to transform information we get from manufacturers so that it is not considered duplicate content?

Last I knew, Matt Cutts said that Google does ~not~ punish duplicate content.
Though I guess if a site doesn’t have good SERP visibility it might feel like it.

Any way, I wouldn’t focus on “transforming the information you get”, but rather, concentrate on making the best content you can that is currently not the “lot of your content”.

Instead of posting Duplicate Content, I would suggest you to sort out those contents and edit it little bit to make it look different from the main source content.

Yes, whenever you post duplicate content at internet and it crawls by Google and than it index by Google than Google find it scrappy or duplicate content than it penalized you for doing this thing.

So, it is very bad to post duplicate content for your site and it harmful for your site.

You can substantiate this with a reliable (i.e. Google or Matt Cutts) citation?

If duplicate content is used when crawling is done then google treated it as a spam…
so dont do duplicate content, Going with unique content is good for the site.

Try to edit the post before you publish on yours because it might push you back on SERP for duplicate content

As Mittineague says, it isn’t so much that you get penalised for having duplicate content – Google can usually tell the difference between legitimate reuse of source content (such as product decriptions) and scraped or stolen content. The problem is that it then has a dozen, maybe a hundred, pages that all look the same to choose from when people go searching for that kind of information. And out of all of those, why should they pick yours? That’s where yo0u need to do something extra, something to differentiate your site from all the other clones, to give Google a good reason for putting yours above all the others in the search results.

Edit your main content submit after google crawling you may be out of the penalized. Hope it is useful for you. Always create unique content for every products.

there is a percentage for duplicate content for example you can add the necessary information and also it is necessary to add other information to avoid falling into the duplicate content

Try to edit the content and next time create unique and quality content to get free from Google search engine punish.

Google didn’t like duplicate content. So I will advise you to write unique content for your site and make it interesting for people to read. A fresh and quality content always gets a good reputation in search engine and also liked by people, thereby increase traffic and sales for the website.

There is no duplicate content penalty. Can anyone share a Matt’s post or any Google statement about it?

I’ve benchmarked it twice… making a duplicate content website. I copied 70 articles and tried to get high in the SERP’s… it costed met 2 weeks of marketing, before i got like 100 visitors a day…it lasted…3 days… and i was gone :slight_smile: and never came back… If you really want to test it, you should try it on a test domain yourself :slight_smile:

@Mikl has a signature link to this post, which covers the issue very well, and which in turn includes a link to [URL=“http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.uk/2006/12/deftly-dealing-with-duplicate-content.html”]Google’s Official blog.

Whenever I copy verbatim I wrap it in quotes. No idea if that helps or not. A product description would not matter any as it is what it is. Just like if you google the certain tv specs a 1000 results with the same info will come up. Google understands that you can’t say it any differently. Anything else on your site should be from your own brain.

If this is the truth, what about the news sites which have got same news published in each of them? Why they never gets punished for having Duplicate contents?

There’s a big difference between two sites having pages about the same topics, and two sites having pages with the same content. If the articles have been been written separately, but are about the same news, then they will not be duplicate content. If the same text is reproduced in different places, that is duplicate content.

Best way to use duplicate content is to quote the actual website and leave the link where you collected it. Google sees that you created article that gives your opinion on the subject plus the opinion of the website cited. It is just small part of algorithm, but it makes so much sense.

I don’t got any statistics gathered yet, but if you check the most websites on the internet, it are all resellers who just copy the product information from there supplier…Personally i just wouldn’t do it because i don’t know the effect, but it’s really hard to rewrite product specs…:open_mouth: