Duplicate content for 2 websites I own

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I have 2 websites 1 wholesale site and 1 retail website both with great ranks. They sell the exacttly same products. Will google see this as duplicate content If I use the same text and descriptions on both sites.

Anyone have similar issues?


Yep - Google sure will see it as duplicate content. Your best bet is to use rel=canonical to alert Google of this.

Yes Google sure will see it as duplicate content. Google will not punish you but will attempt to grasp the page that it think is best and original. It can reduce crawl rates on your site.

a solution is rewrite or spin it to make them look unique from one another. trick them (search engines) by varying the length say, maybe article to site A is long, article B to site B is shorter, but above all do spin/rewrite one of them to be unique.

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    Same contnet in two site is google can't read or crawl at right time ..by priority..of that sites...meet again.


A common problem that I’ve seen is sites that have alternative versions of each page - eg a ‘low graphics’ version or a ‘print friendly’ version. Google sees the same content on both the original and the alternative version, but because the original page is surrounded by so much cruft (eg site navigation, external links, and other peripheral content) but the alternative page gives just the content and nothing else, Google often prioritises the alternative page in SERPs - meaning that visitors get sent to a ‘bare bones’ page with no graphic design and/or no navigation.

Always bear this in mind if you have any need to create multiple pages with the same content - and as Jeff said, using <link rel=“canonical”> can be a great help here.

SE would definetely treat such content as a duplicate - rewritten descriptions would serve the purpose.

i prefer using rewrite/spinning than canonical because it takes time to modify script as well for non CMS based.

Wherever possible rewriting the content can help, but for some large ecommerce sites that is simply not an option.

Where do the descriptions come from in the first place? Are they written by you or sent by the manufacturer?