seriously who uses it to measure a website’s traffic?

Is there a better website that measures a website’s traffic, and how does it measure the traffic?

ok if people say alexa is that easy to fool i want my site to come in may be top 10 of my country list…now it is at 600th…
pm me with the offer…

yes i agree it can be fooled getting waste non generic traffic but even that is easier said and done and requires some sizeable investments…even paid backlinks are not cheap…
so to some extend not totally useless i guess…and feel

Yes i agreed, useless alexa, you must center you attention to google

its not for me… i just wanted to see other people’s view on Alexa… I recently got a job at a marketing company and they use alexa, i’ve had other people compare websites with Alexa… I personally think Alexa is full of crap, and its probably most useless tool out there.

If google came out with the same tool i would trust it more than Alexa since 95% of the people i know that have a computer has a google toolbar.

Alexa is too easy to fool. Unless you are selling ad space dont waste your time. For open view is probably your best bet

google is the best and top for this

Shaydez, I think perhaps this is a sign that the marketing company in question aren’t very well informed (for using it) - though I guess now that you work there, you could do something about changing their minds. The only people who actually rely on Alexa data as “meaningful” or “reliable” have absolutely no justification to proclaim themselves as a marketing professional. You are entirely justified in exclaiming that the tool itself is mostly full of crap as it’s dangerously easy to manipulate and (as you mentioned) requires the installation of a toolbar which is notorious for being classified as Spyware. However: I would issue one word of caution to outright damning the service, while I don’t know exactly how they analyse the data provided through toolbar usage, alike Nielsen ratings for TV (which use a similar method of a small number of people dictating the masses) I do know that independent statistics can be useful. Yes they don’t have a large number of users so the quality of the results is rather poor, and yes it therefore will be biased to a specific niche of individuals who have it installed, but data is data, and while the numbers themselves shouldn’t be highlighted as accurate, they can be a useful indication toward popularity (when in conjunction with other more meaningful and relative demographics). :slight_smile:

Lol, Is that their motto bro , glad to know that.

Alexa is use less until your site rank is above 100,000, As it goes down it start telling you graphical view. Also I never trust Alexa links number , don’t know what is criteria for this. So to me Alexa is just use less , Why not you use Google Analytics? Far better results and also shows area specific results too.

Alexa is good, i’ve been using it years and I don’t think there are other tools aside from alexa. but then just focus on getting a SERP on google. it really doesn’t matter anyway. alexa is just showing you how popular your site is. that’s it

With Google I am becoming increasingly convinced that their motto is “divided we conquer”.