Optimizing my website

I appear to be using quite a bit of ram at times on my website so I need to look at ways of optimizing my wordpress based website avillafan.com

I have read a few articles but most seem to say the same thing and don’t make much difference so any tips would be much appreciated.

Use a caching plugin. Disable unneeded plugins. That’s it. Wordpress is a big, bloated, inefficiently coded monster.

Ive done all that already. Seems like shared hosting is no longer possible for me.

I love this monster. It introduced me to the beautiful world of code and let me overcome my fears. For sure, it’s has sloppy and messy code but the more you do, the better and cleaner you start to create. With the only condition: if you want to improve, unless you will continue to design copy-paste-cloned wordpress sites.

Run it through: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

It’ll offer suggestions to speed up your site. Get as many done as you can.

Most of the things you can do have been mentioned already, although it seems CDNs weren’t directly mentioned. Many caching plugins will bring that up though, worth a try. Usually only a few bucks for a month.

On another topic, slightly related to the shared hosting point, I recently tried SSD hosting for the first time. It seems blazingly fast tbh, compared to a plethora of other hosting I’ve had experience with.

Worth a try, open one up with an offer of free credit that covers a month or even two depending on the resources you want.
Make a copy of the live site and deploy it there, test directly under the IP you are given. I used Duplicator for this, and a site copy + deploy elsewhere takes minutes.
In other words, no cost besides time spent.