How to speed up wordpress

My website loads quite slowly and i want to speed it up. Is there a good plugin for this purpose? Can the loading speed increase up to 50%?

If you aren’t using it already, you might want to look into caching.

try using a tool like those from pingdom which will visually show you a load time for your website. It will also give recommendations on where to look to refine your speed. It may be something simple that you’ve overlooked or are not even aware of. Some old plugins, poorly written ones, lots of excess javascript calls. There’s usually lots of ways to speed up your website. Some easy ways are to use caching, use minify, ensure your images are optimised, and make sure that your domain calls are clean. You’ll be surprised how little changes can make a big difference once you know where the hold up is. Google also has a similar tool in its webmaster tools for assessing page load times.

Remove unwanted plugins,Use CSS Compression and Use Js Compression,Enable wordpress gzip compression in .htaccess.use small kb’s images.

W3Cache plugin works wonders.

do u install WP super cache, that’s a nice plugin, and u may change and correct more codes of ur themes.

W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache and WP Super Cache are the popular caching plugins that I know of but I personally use WP Super Cache. If you are to use WP Super Cache, some hosts don’t handle gzip compressions very well and you could end up with a page full of random symbols so make sure you try it out on your site first. Also look for a plugin that minifies the CSS which makes for quicker code reading.

on which server you have hosted the website

You may also want to take a look at the plugins, how many are running on your site?

Disable and uninstall those that you do not need =)

I installed W3 Total Cache and if you have images try optimizing them as well with WP it’s compatible up to 3.3.2 version clean your date base with WP-Optimize.also let your host know your site is slow.try and get them to move you on to a different server.