Opinions on these variations

I launched my first site over the summer in a niche I know extremely well, but I’ve found I was rather naive because the keywords are all over the place and rather competitive, so I’m having a hard time ranking for any one of them. I seem to be on page 5 or so for most of the good ones. I also have a cute, but SEO worthless, domain name. I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes over the last 6 months.

Now I’m starting to think about what my second site might be, for later in 2011, and I’m trying to be strategic with keywords in mind. There are two phrases I’d like to rank for:

Adjective1 Noun1
Adjective1 Noun1 and Noun2

I’m trying to decide what domain to buy up. I’m on a shoestring budget, so I’d like to not go after any owned domains.

The following are already taken (but just parked).


All other domain extensions for adjective1noun1 seem to be available.

Here are options I’m considering:


I’m at a loss for which one would be best. I’ve searched before posting this, and it seems like people don’t love .org or .info, but people also don’t seem to love dashes. Normally, I just do search after search to find the answers to questions, but there seem to be a lot of people on here that are a lot smarter at this than me, so I thought I’d finally stop lurking and post.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has the time to advise me.

I have read your post and it seems that you have forgotten completely about abbreviations .
Maybe such combinations will be fine?
or A1noun1.com?

I suppose that would be the way to get short domain name at really good price.


or noun.net

would be great to use cause it’s more specific.

Blah, there’s so many threads like this. Again I say, go for the .net - it is a major TLD! So many people overlook .net’s and it’s great because there are so many keyword/keyphrase-rich .net domains available. :slight_smile: AND I know of a domain registrar that sells 'em for $6.49/year so oh yeah! :smiley:

True, short and catchy name is much better, you can also try .co