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I plan on launching a new site, and I can’t make up my mind on the domain name. For example, if I had a site about cats and dogs, which domain name would be better, catsanddogs ( dot ) com or cats-and-dogs ( dot ) com (from the point of view of SEO of course)?

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From an SEO point of view it makes absolutely no difference. All other things equal, both domains would rank exactly the same.

From a user point of view the domain without dashes is much preferable. It’s easier to remember and shorter. Go with the domain sans the hyphens.

Jeff’s right. When you have people read your domain name, in a print brochure for example, it’s easier to read if you use Uppercase for the first letter of each word. For example. If people type it that way in the address bar of their browser, the browser ignores the uppercase letter values, and treats it as lower case.

From the point of view of SEO first you have to search your keywords and its Global Monthly Search Volume. use tool for keyword analysis.

your domain would be like is the good for SEO. try to search good and relevant keyword for your domain name.

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Austin Parkar

better you’re domain name would be change with keyword …
it’s a good solution to support SEO method for helping increase traffic and PR you’re website …
for find right keyword, you can used Google keyword tools / Google Adwords…

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Unless you run a company with a name like ‘Powergen Italia’ or ‘Experts Exchange’, you’re better off just running the words together with no separator or hyphen or anything between them. It won’t matter a penny to Google which one you choose, search engines couldn’t care less whether the words are hyphenated or not, but it will make it much easier to market the site if you can tell people to go to “cats and dogs dot com” rather than “cats hyphen and hyphen dogs dot com”, and you increase the chance of them successfully reaching your site by a huge amount.