I was wondering which is better for SEO purposes: or ? is taken, so I am really not sure which one to go with here.

Any ideas? Which ones do search engines prefer?

Because I read somewhere that hyphens do not matter, but they increase the length of the domain name. I am tempted to buy the domain with hyphen though, because on SERPs, it will stand out better.

What do you guys think?

what is the limit to a “good for seo” domain name anyways (in characters)? Long domain names DO seem to work apparently, and by long I mean 3 words long, or less than 20 character long.

Increase my knowledge if I am wrong :slight_smile:

It seems that you are going to have all your keywords in your domain name? What do you hope for? Hope for easy SEO? Just cut all chases here: including keywords into domain name will never help you.

hahaha that isnt the real domain name I’m looking for :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for looking up the availability for me though :slight_smile:

I was just posing this question as “hyphen with .com” vs. “long domain with .net” The real domain keywords are secret :stuck_out_tongue:

content sadly is not king and a catergory killer keyword domain is a fantastic asset.

no need to limit yourself to one url buy them all b4 anyone else does.

What about or even

How about

As of this post…it is available.

Also is available if you are a hyphen fan.

You are right, thanks! :slight_smile:

That is true as well, but having the right domain name makes a BIG difference as well.

A web domain name is the foundation of your presence on the Internet. So it is better that you don’t use hyphens as people cant remember them easily. You will end up losing traffic if your domain name is hard to remember. I have faced a similar problem and have resolved it by adopting a simpler domain name without hyphens.

I suppose you did not understand me. I wanted to say that domain name itself does not help you. Content is a king for SEO, not domain name.

Interesting advices… thanks guys!

I would suggest you decide on one of them and use that as main domain name. Fo another domain name just install redirect.

None of them.
Both domain names are very long domain names and are not attractive domain names at all. I would recommend you work tightly with your business name and maybe with abbreviations .

For SEO there should be no difference.

The version without the hyphens should be easier to remember for people who are going to type it into their address bar since it is easier to remember “my perfect keywords dot net” than it is to remember “my hyphen perfect hyphen keywords dot com” as there is less to remember.