Domain name: related or short

Hi guys,

I have this domain name that I want to use because it represents my website exactly. It’s called
But obviously it’s extremely long.
On one hand, it’s a name easy to remember and get around (word-of-mouth wise). On the other hand, if I do choose something shorter like it won’t represent the name of my organization nor will people remember it as well as

So what should I do?
should I go for the long and accurate name, or should I go for the shorter easier-to-type less accurate name?
Will any of them improve search engine ranking?
I mean, how important is it for url’s to be short? is long.

Memorable - whatever length it is. I believe that is bad idea also to use as much as possible related keywords in your domain name.

Use keywords in your domain no matter how lengthy it is.

IMHO using keywords for the sake of using them, without it making sense, or making the domain looking odd, or making it too long, is a bad idea.

In a particular case though, when we’re talking about an organisation’s name, you could go for the long, full version.

I also think an organization’s name (in my case long) is probably better than a shorter related name, since people will have an easier time remembering it.

does it matter if it’s .com or .org (assuming that I have both). If it’s non profit should I stick to .org or should I go with .com since most people type in .com before .org?

If you own both domains, you can use a 301 redirect from the .com to the .org (or vice versa). If this is a non profit organisation, it might make sense to use .org as the official domain name. There’s no wrong or right answer though. :slight_smile:

I agree with Dan. 301 redirect is the best one for SEO and I believe that was created for that purpose only. In that way you will never lose your SEO benefits you had for both domain names.

That is good idea to have your domain name as short as possible and with .COM domain name extension.
If your business name is quite long you can use some abbreviation.
I would not recommend use any digits in the domain name unless your business name consist of digits.
In any case your web site make your domain name popular and not vice versa.

what advantages does .com give me over .org?

Why are short keywords better than long keywords? Does it make a difference?

If you are going to enter a competitive market then having keywords in domain helps a lot.

If the choice is between a keyword stuff that you can rank for easily then develop the short one but still register the keyword one just in case you need it later on :wink:

Ha H

HA HA - Listen thats hardly the case in seo - youre asking for se trouble - and you need one domain to be a blog regardless to youre insight - fresh content on one domain and the other html … thats crawlable stuff

use short and easy to remember words. think about this.


avoid using keywords on your domain, focus on branding. it’s not advisable anymore after the Google Panda Update

Domain length does not matter. As long as the domain easy to remember, to read, it helps you. There is a site with a lengthy domain but the page rank is very high.

You can use domain names which specify your company , but if it is short , it helps you to bring up in searchengine rankings.Pls do not specify very lengthy domain names.

i believe the short one will be better.
while i feel the long domain is hard to pronounce when it stick all together. It look like spamming keywords more than a domain name.
you may take advantages in the search result of that full keywords but no one will remember you with the long url.