[Open Source] Frappe Builder: A figma-like website building tool

Hello everyone :wave:t2:

We recently launched Frappe Builder, which is an open source, Figma-like website building tool to simplify designing and publishing websites. The idea was to keep the interface simple and familiar for designers so that they are empowered to ship web pages without much dependence on developers.

Currently, Frappe Builder comes with

  • Responsive view support :iphone:
  • In-build CMS support :bar_chart:
  • Scripting capabilities (global styles and scripts) :art:
  • Robust component system :rocket:

Additionally, Frappe builder ships lightweight web pages that excel lighthouse performance metrics out of the box. :zap:

If you are interested do try it out and share your feedback.

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P.S. wanted to post under the Showcase category, but since it is closed, am posting it here.