Online website builder script


I need a website builder script or software…

I have lots of hosting space. I want to offer website builder tool. Are there any scripts/softwares available ?

it could be a software or online hosted, free or paid etc.

I dont want to be reseller…i have seen Mr site and also seen serif’s webplus but its a paid software. I need open source options.

All ideas are welcome.

We have a downloadable website builder that can be rebranded with other peoples backlinks that they can then give away for free.
It’s basically a CMS system that people install on their own PC and just type in content then automatically build and upload the final html pages against a template they choose or you design for them.
The beauty is there is no complicated online database management to handle. And by giving away free software from your site it brings far more viral customers back than web based systems.
Generally it builds basic sites for free but these have backlinks to your site but if people upgrade to the multi-site version you earn commission and they can remove your backlinks.
Check out the link below for an example.