Online WYSIWYG editor with host (india) any suggestions?

Hi every body ,
I am currently working on opencart which is a basic software for an e-commerce website but the client for whom I was working wanted a little different apart from e-commerce website with extra effects and GUI which can be seen in a static interactive website.

I searched on google and came up with answers with “” which gives drag and drop features and also the interactive view wanted by the client but it was imited with the features as the client want SMS api in the website as well but wix didn’t support that so there is no way I could use wix

I don’t know if it’s to much to ask but I wanted some suggestions for another ‘drag n drop’ featured online WYSIWYG editor with indian host as the client is indian and want to startup his business in india as a result I want some answers regarding the editor or else if there is another options to make website with the both features of e-commerce and an static interactive show-off website with add-ons like email notification, sms api, indian currency if possible.

I hope that i would get the answer I am looking for or else if not then the solution for the same.

Looking forward for positive reply.

Deepak Verma

I think Shopify has an Indian branch. There are lots of similar options, though.

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