Website Builders

Hi guys? Have you tried any of the site builders to create a site?
I mean those where you can choose a template & then customize it using their CMS (I suppose it’s CMS :))? Your feed back is highly appreciated!

why is it so quiet here? Has no one tried something similar?

website builder is not too flexible according programming as I know because my experience is not good in this service.

well and if I do not have time learning all this stuff & I will have to teach my co-workers how to update a site - what do you suggest?

It’s possible to create a website using a CMS/site builder, without knowing any web technologies at all. However, it’s pretty much impossible to create a good one, or even an adequate one.

If you want to create a good site, you need a good knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, graphic design, usability and accessibility. A CMS or site builder won’t help you with those - what it can do is to make your workload easier and help you to manage the site, particularly if different people are contributing to it. But if you don’t understand how the technology works, you won’t create a good site no matter what tools you use.

If you don’t know it, and don’t have time to learn it, then you either have to accept that your website will be no good, make the time to learn, or buy in the services of a professional web designer.

Yeah I agree with previous Stevie D post. We can create CMS site builder. But, we must need some knowledge to create a better one. I wish to share a site which provides CMS site builder. Try this. Hope this will helps you.

you say - “we can create CMS”. Do you know any systems which have been already created it?
I googled “site builders” & found several systems by Yahoo, sitebuilder, site2you, homestead companies. Has anyone tried them?

That’s a bit like saying, “I don’t have time to learn how to build a house properly; I just need to throw up a building real quick and teach others how to do it too”. :smiley:

Anyway, one option worth looking into is WordPress, as it is easy to install and there are hundreds if not thousands of both free and commercial ready-made themes. So basically the site comes already built for you, and there are many beautiful ones, too. It isn’t hard to make minor tweaks. Then you can concentrate on uploading content, which is very easy via the admin panel.

well I will give it a go. But I am not sure it will work out

Any particular reason? One problem might be that WP is primarily for blogging, although many people use it for more standard sites. It’s a very nice system, and if you find a theme that suits, you basically have a good quality site up in minutes that is easy to update.

in my opinion Wordpress is the easiest and most effective web site builder, while its true wordpress is designed for blogs, more people are using it for websites as the look is current and has many plugins, themes etc. Simply add “pages” instead of posts within wordpress if building a website.

I’ve checked free WP themes & couldn’t find at least one I like. Could you share links with free templates I can use for testing? And this blog calendar on the right - can I remove it?

What you need is a free website content manager system (CMS), you can get a pay one if you like, but give it a try to the free ones, just to get practice and then if you like it, but one.

Here is a list of the most popular:

Movable Type,
Frog CMS
CMS Made Simple

Now depending of your needs, some of them will be better than others, as well how much you know about HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc some of thme will be easier to implement than others.

What I suggest you is to read about HTML, S.E.O. and image editing with any free software, you can find a lot of information in Google, all this will get you an idea of what it is all about.

Describe the kind of site design you do like, providing links to examples if possible.

For help with specific Wordpress issues it may be best to post in Sitepoint’s Wordpress Forum

This is a sample website we’re willing to create - Do you know what CMS it is using?
Very clean design, a lot of text information (our main goal) related to a topic.
All my co-workers liked it too.

The presence of <meta name=“generator” content=“eturnkeys” /> in the source, suggests it may be:

It’s not free.

thank you! I didn’t know I can find the information about the CMS using meta name. I will give it try - their prices seem to be quite reasonable.

Bear in mind that as their CMS is proprietary, there may not be an easy way to transfer your site to a different provider or CMS.

Take the time to check their terms and conditions carefully.

If you’re planning to register a domain name for your site, do it yourself through a separate registrar rather than via whichever “easy web creation” provider you choose, naming the relevant person within your organisation as registrant. It’s been known for less scrupled companies to register domains “on behalf” of their clients but to specify themselves as registrant and effective owners of the domain, thereby gaining an advantage over the client.

You should not be required to transfer the administration of a domain into their control. If they suggest this, avoid.

This, from Eturnkey’s FAQ, would give me sufficient cause for concern to seek clarification:

Q: How much does domain registration cost? doesn’t charge any additional fee for using a domain name. Having subscribed to our services you can choose a domain name and use it absolutely for free as long as your subscription lasts.

Which suggests that some form of charge may be applied if you choose to end your subscription.


Q: What if I want to cancel my subscription? Is there any cancelation fee if I want to remain/transfer my site?
There are no obligations, membership or contracts. You are with us until you want to have your Turnkey site. You may cancel at any moment you want and the only question is whether you want to have your site or you want to cancel the entire idea.
If you wish to cancel the service and get your website sources before 8 months after sign up - you will have to pay $299 cancellation fee for that.
Canceling the service after 8 months does not have any additional fees involved.

What do the “website sources” consist of? No mention of what happens to the domain name. The clumsy language doesn’t inspire confidence either.

The more I read the less I like it. Where are the client testimonials? No user forums either. Too hermetically sealed for my liking. Still yer pays yer money…

Saves me the hassle of ripping this thread a new hole :rofl:

Basically, what he said. If you want to waste your time vomiting up some thrown together any old way site, “site builders” are perfect… Just don’t expect anything remotely resembling a quality usable website people actually want to visit… Unless your CONTENT is REALLY going to be good enough that people will forgive the multitude of sins.

… and even then it’s basically shooting yourself in the foot.

Why do you want to choose a site builder, when there are lot of professional designers out there, who can fulfill your needs in time and with the money you can deal with.