Small Hosting Company Looking for online design tools

Hello All,

I work for a small business that develops website for other small businesses and I am looking for software that would allow new customers to create their own website designs via a web interface. I know a lot of the “big boys” have these tools such as GoDaddy’s Website Builder Tool as well as 1and1 and network solutions.

Have any of you come across companies or individuals that have these tools available?

Best case scenario we would want to host this application on our website with our own brand… anyone seen anything like this or anything close?

thanks in advance!

Have you seen this thread? I’m not sure if it’s quite what you had in mind, but it’s worth a look.

Hey TechnoBear,

Thanks for the direction! This is very close to what i’m looking for! I’m going to try to get in touch with the developer and see if he’s interested in what we’re trying to do.

thanks again!

These web tools are pointless. They don’t really produce quality looking sites and are cumbersome with major limitations. You are better off using a PHP script like Wordpress that has a large selection of themes you can use and customize.

wow granny, you are clearly some sort of super business person, and extremely humble. Thank you for for being so super smart and please, oh please tell all the hosting companies out there that are developing and using tools like these how much time and money they are wasting.