Looking for script doing ( Online Forms ) easily and dynamically

[SIZE=3]Hello Everybody,

Sorry if this is not the right place to talk about this, but I couldn’t find better place. Here’s my requirement is short:

My customer is looking for a script/software that helps webmasters to easily create Online Forms (i.e. forms like feedback, registration, survey, etc). It should be based on PHP/MySQL. I found that Google Forms do the same, but I need something more professional, customizable and advanced (e.g. file attachments, data export) as it will be for commercial use. It should be installed on my customer’s website with no external DBs or URLs showing, so the the customer should have full control and ownership of their data (similar to the way that vBulletin forums work). No matter if it is paid or a bit expensive, I just want something easy and robust with no headaches.

I found the following:

Basically, it seems to be great, but I’m looking for more alternatives based on your experience please.

Thanks in advance…

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