Web Host Looking For Some Software

Hello all,

I work for a small hosting company and I’m on the hunt for some software that would allow our customers to build their own website with drag and drop features, just like wix, weebly, goDaddy and various others.

Has anyone come across software like this? I’ve seen a lot of them out there but haven’t found one that i can host myself.

Any ideas?


Very interesting question. I have never been in a position that I have to search for this kind of software. But I did a quick search for you and I found a bit of information that may be of interest, I think.

This website offers a plugin for cPanel. The website builder is theirs but they give you a 20% for each site created with their tool (and it looks that, for your customers, it looks like it is your own site builder) http://breezi.com/cpanel-website-builder/

This other offer specialized website builders http://www.trendytools.com/cpanel-html5-website-builders.php

The third, a specific website builder software (which is, after all, what you asked for http://www.rvsitebuilder.com/home/installation/)

In this thread, they speak of another website builder that may be interesting and that you can host yourself http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=461639

According to what they say, this website builder can have many additional features, such as powerful photo galleries or CRMs. I would read the whole thread but be warned that it is really old (2005)

This article mentions 5 different softwares that you can use and host yourself. the only thing is that it doesn’t have a date so I don’t know if it is current or not


I hope this helps you a little bit