Online Marketing or Offline Marketing

Hello Everyone,

I have a classifieds website which I promoted all over internet to my best and I am not seeing any improvement in Alexa Ranking now-a-days. So, I decided to jump to offline marketing to make it on somewhat higher rank.

Here, I am gonna ask you guys about the most debatable topic:

How long would you like to go for online marketing to promote your website? Or will you move to offline marketing after trying your hands in online marketing?

Looking for your replies…


You say “I decided to jump to offline marketing to make it on somewhat higher rank.” What do you mean by that? “Off-line marketing” suggests that you are not using the Internet in any way to promote your site. So what exactly are you doing? Or are you using the term “off-line marketing” to mean something else?

Also, why exactly are you trying to increase your Alexa ranking? What good do you expect that to do?


If you’re talking about the classifieds site in your signature, I’d have to say that you’re trying to directly compete against places like craigslist. It’s hard to compete against a well-known go-to brand.

On the other hand, if your site had a specific niche, like the premiere pinball classifieds/auction site (I just happened to be looking at pinball stuff recently), you might be in a better position to.

It’s extremely difficult to build an audience for a general site. Sites that focus on a specific topic/interest do better, and it’s generally easier to grow beyond that initial niche once you already have an established audience.

I second your opinion that It’s hard to compete against a well-known go-to brand and its extremely difficult to build an audience for a general site. But AFAIK, craigslist is most popular brand in US region and I am looking to build audience in my own country (India). I believe there are still less options to provide such kind of services here all under one roof.

I think, Offline marketing is not necessary at all for websites.

Thanks for your reply MIKE.
You got me correct. By Off-line marketing, I mean to say that I am not using the Internet in any way to promote my site. All I want to do the other stuff for marketing viz. publishing it in newspaper, magazine etc. Word of mouth publicity and all other tactics that could be used for Off-line marketing.

By increase Alexa ranking, I would be in the position to know the stats of my site regularly and represent it to my audience. Not more than that :slight_smile:

How do you measure an Alexa rank for your website?

Do you know, Alexa rank increases if the traffic to your website is increasing on a daily basis. Did you checked the traffic rate on your website in analytics?

Do you have any off-line platform in your mind?
For eg. Television, Road side hoardings, banners on malls and shops etc.

Your website is a classified posting website and based on my experience and SEO checkup, your website have less backlinks from good sources and that is why the ranking and traffic is not good. May be the efforts applied wasn’t up to the extent where it should be.

I find in my country with off-line marketing for the similar website and I must say that they are growing. Check the same with your country too.

Always make sure that of-line marketing is always costlier than online marketing so the money you are going to invest for off-line marketing should not get wasted without any return.

Think about it and go ahead.

see friend u do black hat seo techniques with high pr its take some time but gud. do only high pr sites

Good for what? To get your site penalised by the search engines? We do not advocate the use of any black hat techniques. The aim of this forum is to help our members promote their sites in an ethical way which will produce lasting benefits, not give them a possible quick rise in the SERPs, followed by a huge drop and a long period trying to recover from the penalties.

It depends on the website.

If you run a social networking website, you probably don’t need to market on TV, the radio, or in print since everything that has to do with that website happens online.

If you run an auction site, classifieds site, or anything else that connects with the offline world, you might benefit from offline marketing. Again, it depends on the specifics of the website and if there’s actually a return on your spending for marketing offline.

You should go to offline marketing but also need to do online marketing to improve you alexa ranking.

Because you having a classified site and it’s necessary to grow online awareness toward you site as well as visitors from online sources that can help you to improve your alexa ranking

Online marketing and offline marketing are totally opposite to each other. If you use internet to promote your website then this would be Online marketing and if you don’t use the internet then this would be offline marketing.
You can use words of mouth for offline marketing. Your friends would be a great source for the offline marketing or some newspaper advertisement are the best source.
You told that you have optimize your website on internet then also your website alexa rank is same as it was before. Make sure your optimize website should be from the targeted region if they are not then alexa rank would be the same.

You should still try to utilize online marketing strategy. From my point of view, offline marketing is not a good choice for your website.

[font=calibri]As you don’t know what the website is about, how can you be so sure about that?

Some websites can really benefit from offline marketing … particularly those aimed at a less web-savvy audience who aren’t so confident or accurate when using Google or other online systems. If you can convince them that your website is just what they want while they’re in their comfort zone (eg listening to radio, reading newspaper, etc) then there’s a good chance that they will follow it up. They don’t have the patience or resilience to just try looking stuff up, but if they know where they’re going then they are more likely to go through with it.[/font]

Building quality backlinks from high pr relevant websites is not considered a black hat SEO practice. I think you are mixing the terms here.

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