Alexa ranking Vs Business


I want to know, is Alexa ranking perfect for business?

If you need a high Alexa ranking then just get a few people to install the Alexa toolbar and visit the page a few times a day each. That will boost your Alexa ranking without needing any other visitors.

Alexa ranking is useless. I have a website that ranks 1m+ and only generates 50-150 visitors a day. But I am able to gain 5-10 subscribers per day, that’s 150-300 subscribers in a month. i would be more interested to build targeted subscribers than improving my alexa ranking. I don’t even check my alexa ranking, i just checked it now when I saw your post out of curiosity, but I really don’t care.

Alexa just gives you rank and back links( they never change for my site i think they are constant). I never trust it and it don’t have to do any thing with your business.

I do not advice you to use Alexa. It gives really wrong results. those results can make your business fall apart. You can use or Google Analytics. You can test the results by making a parallel between the 3 traffic estimators and you’ll see for yourself.

The statistics you find at Alexa are definitely not precise, nor accurate. It’s of limited value.

Ranking high in Google web searches is more important. I have lots of people come to my site through Google, even though they know my site’s address. They use the Google search box as if it were their browser’s URL navigation box! Google provides immense opportunities for directing traffic to your site. Alexa won’t be able to do that for you.

If you are concerned with getting the most incoming traffic, then concentrate on optimizing your site to rank well in Google searches.

If you are concerned with getting some accurate statistics about your site, then analyze your server logs. Those can be trusted. You can’t trust all the stats on Alexa.

for my site(silk ties store online) , alexa rank is nothing.
what i concern is traffic and sales

Alexa ranking is less significant than Google analytics.
Because Alex rank will be calculated based on visitors using Alexa tool bar only.

And, Google Analytics also provided Opt-out browser plug-in. So, I think we should reply on our server logs.

Tell your boss that the new employee has no idea of what he’s doing, he’s trying to gamble the businesses web presence on statistically-insignificant data.

Claiming that Alexa is of greater value than Google is like claiming that Orkut has more users than Facebook (it’s blatant ignorance on their part). :slight_smile:

Alexa is only a ranking, not much else, that new guy is an idiot indeed. Focus on google

new guy is an idiot

change jobs

A new guy has appointed in my company where I am working as a seo from two years. I have been promoting company site since Oct 2008, it’s ranking on around 100s keywords top and Google analytic is showing ranking well, traffics are coming from 1000 keywords according Google Analytic Data. New guy said to my boss, your site is not ranking in Alexa, and without Alexa ranking, business is impossible. Its around 6,00452 Alexa rank now. my head is spinning now. New guy said Google is general search engines and Google is no value. What should I do? Should I leave promotion and go to Alexa only?

Why do you want to know?

Alexa is useful for absolutly nothing.

Well I think Alexa is not helpful for your business. It is just a number which shows if your website is performing well or not.

I think,why you people use alexa if there is so many tool like google analytic etc.Alexa has no importance in any kind of business.In cas of Biz4tech,new guy is an ideot as well have no knowledge about SEO.If your site is on the top on top keywords then i think you are going in a very right way.So ,please ignore alexa and try to get more keywords to get top of the searches .This is a right way to promote your business.It is hard to get top of the searches as well get rank in alexa.There are so many way to get alexa rank in very short time.If you want to know then PM me.I ll let you know that steps.


This. I’ve seem very high ranked alexa sites make no money at all.

Why are you going to use alexa by the way if you own the website?

Yes, It could be! Alexa is increase base on traffic if you get quality traffic it will decrease on that case if you get traffic you might get more business