Need valuable sitepoint feedback to promote my new site

Hey Guys,

I appreciate you guys already looking at this, I have come to sitepoint for valuable advise a lot and I love the community here for all it’s tought me.

I have a more direct feedback need though now,

Do you have some Ideas how to promote my new Classifieds site.

I have google ads, and a newsletter, but I’m looking for some things more unique, promotion techniques like contests.

Im really open to everythign though!

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for delaying bro!

Yes, I mean you can opt facebook or twitter as your business promoters. In facebook you have the opportunity to gather people to your business facebook page and improve your products exposure. Hope you will get the best advantages of promoting on facebook!

Mean promote it through my facebook network?

Thanks TED,

there actually is no other good classifieds out here in Shanghai, but craigslist, but craigslist is overspammed and the rest are mainly commercial.
There is many smaller sites, in the back of magazines, and forums but none of them really run the classifieds as a major thing and it shows.

I monitor, and we ad posting limits, which will keep oversight, and I tried to make posting and sending messages as easy as possible.
I can not link but the site is you’ll have to type it in, please have a look and tell me what you think.

It is much appreciated.

Have any of you tried contests?

Before we talk about how to promote it let’s talk about what is going to get people interested… since that’s crucial to picking your marketing plan. There are many classifieds out there, craigslist of course being very popular in many locations… so what makes yours stand out? What makes it different? Who would want to use it?

You can choose social networking sites to promote your site. This would be one of the best method to opt-in to improve your website’s visibility across the network you will build in your social network.