Offline marketing: Becoming Obsolete?

Few years ago, doing offline marketing was a creditable way to get ranks in search engines to engage credible traffic. But due to load of spammers and automation tools, quality stuff is coming under the umbrella of dark shadows. I do not know when google will start taking notice of this thing. I am worried about people, who are earning hard cash for their family using internet and relaying totally on fair results by search engines.

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Could you explain a bit more what you mean by “offline marketing”? To me, that term means things like newspaper advertisements, print media - things which are not connected to the Internet in any way. So I’m unsure how “spammers and automation tools” could affect that - or, indeed, what connection there could be between offline marketing and Google.

It still is.

If your offline marketing gets you high quality online links then people can find your online site via those links without needing to search.

Offline marketing produces quality links (if it affects Google at all).


From offline marketing, I mean that you use organic method of promoting like have quality blog articles for the visitors (on your website). Second, yes, if you have a reputation among your readers (they will come back over and over again). But I am seeing a decline trend in the new visitors, due to less quality writers (who do not know abc of the field and only know how to write by copying another articles. Same case with keywords and managing your website.

Yeah, you are right, but the flood of people you get from google is small compared to anyother online media. (expect social networking )

That is online marketing. Offline marketing is marketing that doesn’t involve computers at all.

What do you mean by offline marketing?

From what I understand, it’s basically using these three forms of media:

  • Print media (newspapers, magazines)
  • Outdoor or Out-of-Home (billboards, signage)
  • Broadcast (radio and television)

If this is what you mean by offline marketing, then I say that this isn’t obsolete. The advertising industry is still a huge one, and as long as people watch TV, read physical newspapers (which will likely be over in five decades), and travel around highways, then offline marketing will never die.

Note that online marketing may not always reach your desired audience, especially if you’re promoting a business and your target is your locality, which happens to be small town.

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