Where to promote to the unemployed?

I’m creating a web site that provides a legitimate business opportunity.
No fees, no costs, no mlm, etc. But how can I promote it? Any type of biz op, it seems, gets grouped in with all the other spam/bogus biz opps.
I’d like to promote to job seekers/unemployed, but where can I do that to optimize the most exposure? I look forward to your thoughts/suggestions/ideas.

You need to figure out where some group of unemployed job seekers might see the ad, and go there. They might be reading the classifieds section of a newspaper, for example, so it might make sense to buy some listings there, offline. Or place ads on job listing sites, or post on Craigslist.

Thanks for your reply.
A newspaper would be fine, but it’s an oppotunity for all of usa.
Can anyone provide anything more specific, other than Craigslist?
Thanks again.

You’re not going to reach “all of USA” without millions of dollars. Buy some TV air time? You can do some pretty specific demographic targeting with Google AdWords for TV.

I think there might be some free newspaper advertising, if you look hard enough.

Otherwise, how and where to promote and get traffic is the number one
question and problem for 99% of webmasters.

What comes to my mind atm is some sort of outrageous link bait. If it’s good
enough, you just leak it out and it goes viral all by itself.

Not easy though to come up with it. I do this professionally and for some
sites/subjects it’s a real brain twister.