Offline Mode not Working on iPadOS 13.3.1 - please repair

I have premium. I have logged in and clicked on ‘make available offline’ for a publication. After that I set a bookmark on the page. Content of the bookmark: “” Then I went into flight mode on the iPad and selected the link. After that I got an error message: ‘You have to go online to view this page’. What is broken or wrong here and how can I activate the offline mode? Bonus: when I went online again and click the link Sitepoint won’t show me the content without logging in. Weird.

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Hi there @42rk. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Someone will be looking into this and will come back to you.

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Hi @42rk,

Can you try adding a trailing slash after the url so it will be Hope this helps.

I tried. But no success. Interestingly, the error message changes. It now says

Error: FetchEvent.respondWith received an error:Returned response is null.

SitePoint devs are working on it. Apparently they’re finding it hard to replicate the issue, but it is under active investigation.

A standard reply at is a request for more information. i.e. What browser / version are you using?

iPad 13.3.1 is good to know, but the more information the better.