Offline mode not available


I have not been able to get the offline mode working since it was supposed have been introduced in October. There simply is no “make available offline” on any book I have opened for reading, not even that “Hugo”-book mentioned in another recent thread.

Have tried this with a browser on my computer as well as on a Android mobile device (S9+)


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I’ll alert SitePoint HQ to the problem, and hopefully get it sorted out for you quickly.

SitePoint devs are working on it. Apparently they’re finding it hard to replicate the issue, but it is under active investigation.

Maybe related?

It was from that case I took the book as an example to try to “make available offline”… Totally different, as I do not have that option on my PCOS-computer… (windows 10). The options is missing, this is in Firefox (latest), Chrome (probably latest), Edge Dev (latest), and in Real New Edge (Chromium based).
It might also be that I am looking at the wrong place for that option, but others seem to find it…

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And as I just posted, it is now available in all browsers except Firefox, which is my primary web browser (ESR, latest release, 68.4.2 on a newly reinstalled computer, on others I use ESR 52.9.0 which is compatible with older plugins)

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