Official SitePoint T-shirts On Sale At Last!

The In Code We Trust one is the same with the exception of the additional binary code on the back (which was the suggestion of a forum member in the original thread).

The second shirt was changed by our designer because it didn’t stand out on the printed shirt. :slight_smile:

No direct benefit - it’s just a community building exercise :slight_smile:

You know you look nice in them, Hawk… don’t expect every single person to tell you :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that I’m with the majority here… love the navy T-shirt :smiley:

The finalised shirts don’t look much like the winners entries - perhaps it’s because they were changed from the voted entries as to why the uptake is slow :confused:

How did I miss this? I’ve been waiting for these shirts to go on sale since the contest ended. I’m ordering mine the second I get home from work.

(and who knew HAWK had such cute dimples??)

These t-shirts look great. Especially like the navy blue one! :slight_smile:

You mean the whole exercise was speculative?

Either that or you spent all your money while on holidays! :lol:

wow…its a gret offer…These t-shirts look great

“In Code We Trust.” - we sure do. :slight_smile:

I need to get one, they are great!

Forget web development, Sarah. You should be a model! :wink:

That could be fun!

Yes you are! That photo is awesome.

When mine comes in, I’ll have to find someone with digital to take my picture otherwise it’ll be weeks before I finish my roll and get it developed.

I like the first one the most

in code we trust :slight_smile: funny