Odd jobs

I was reading an article about freelance writing, and one article spoke about odd jobs for newbie writers, like forum posting , erotica writing etc, Wondering how would these jobs be? how to land one such job? the skills required for the jobs, and how is the pay etc

Do a search on Google for ‘freelance sites’. You will get ton of sites.



You can register with them and post what you can do.

How much you can earn depends on you. Initially you need to compete to get good rankings.


Radhika, Thanks for that information, but I have been wondering how to land a job as a fresher, you said compete, how to get a project . And more over, are there any odd jobs are these serious writing jobs, what kind of jobs do they have? can anyone do them?

First of all what of of odd jobs you want to do, Secondly you can go on different forums and ask people to hire. Just create a good profile and you can compete easily on the above sites also.

If you start with the freelance sites, be prepared to gain next to nothing at first, just to build a name. And after you have a portfolio, and some happy customers, only then you can start earning something. But with today’s competition, it`s very hard and you must be very good at what you do. But if you want that, you should try it for yourself.

There are many online work from home jobs.You can earn by making money online at home.One good option I seek is to get a transcriptionist jobs.This would help you by working at home.

Does transcriptionist jobs are home based jobs? What is the procedure ?

Yes you need to compete. But the thing to do for newbies is this - complete your data, put all necessary info, all skills you have. And then search for jobs that fit your skills. Usually, clients would ask for samples of your work. Even if you’re newbie, if they find that you are good at writing (based on your samples), then you can certainly land a job.

If you’re into writing then go on writing forums, if you show off your talent you can start selling your content on there.

it might be best for a freelance writer to network with people regularly and have your business card ready. when you can meet and know the people you’ll be writing for, this could make it a lot easier for opportunities to come up and you’re more likely to receive decent pay (as opposed to dealing with a lot of these highly questionable websites for freelancers)

I can think of these places where you can try finding writing jobs for beginners:

  1. Amazon mechanical turk has thousands of tasks (jobs) including writing.
  2. Freelance websites like Odesk, Elance, Guru.
  3. Content mills (Textbroker, iWriter)

Should you search on Google for information. That is the best way