Getting Paid to write content

There are a number of websites around that offer payment for content, such as,, and but has anyone successfully used any sites such as these to make money from writing?

I was just wondering how regularly these sites pay, and what sort of work (regular work) you could get from them.

Yes these sites provides the work to writers and they pay also in regular basis. These are good and reliable sources for making money online.

I have found that you really need to be a good writer to get these sites to pay off. If you are a good writer why not hedge your bets and also start to build your own site?

You may better try out the freelance sites like Scriptlance, freelancer etc to find online writing project and further you can directly contact the project owners for future writing works. This is one of the realisitic approach to earn.

Elance, scriptlance and freelancer are pretty good - with elance being the best in my opinion. Rentaghostwriter, wordsofworth etc are ones I’ve never heard of - but I’m going to check them out. Sounds interesting.Thanks!

Sorry folks. This isn’t a jobs forum. It’s a forum for discussions of writing content, not listing freelance job sites. Thread closed.