Looking for article writing jobs is a difficult task

I have been writing content for<snip>link deleted</snip> for nearly 2 years now. Though I have earned a steady stream of income from this site, I would like to work directly with new clients, and increase my earnings. However, it is difficult to get clients since most sites will not allow any direct communication with those who post jobs. Has anyone overcome this hurdle? I would appreciate some pointers.

Thank You


I don’t think it is difficult if you have worked already.Now a days there are lot of sites which offers such services.Google them

Seriously? A lot of clients online are looking for decent writers. Have you tried elance, freelancer, and odesk? Writers are wanted all over the internet. As what people always say, content is king. :wink:

Well, you can create your own service website and optimize your site to get clients from search engines, it would take time but it is the perfect method of earning money. And you would be earning more than what you were earning as a freelancer before.

I have also been working for one of my client in past couple of months, and they liked my work and appreciated me. That helped me a lot, and now i am at a proper post of content writer in another company. You should try to search for jobs for content writer. It’s really a great skill.

why you wont look at places like fiverr

tons of ppls looking to hire some publishers

In most of the projects there is no direct interactions between content writer and client. Try google searching, there are lots of projects available. After choosing appropriate project you can contact clients through email ids, phone numbers given. I and my friends got so many projects with this process and earned a good money. This is very simple and Trust me you too can get many projects. :wink:

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