October Photo Showcase - The Season

Earlier this week I asked our Facebook fans what the weather is doing in their part of the world at the moment. Some of the responses fascinated me. I’d like to take it one step further - photos. We’re about to head into summer here in NZ.

What season are you experiencing in your part of the world?

I have attached a photo that I took on the weekend while I was walking around the bays. I live in paradise.

I was amazed by the picture you’ve posted,it looks lovely place i wish to visit this place someday in summer time of course.


OK how do I do that? If you open the Question mark in a new tad the photos are there.

Here in Texas, the hay is being harvested, and it always impresses me how much they can get in one roll.

it’s autumn - with cold weather and snow on the ground, and the sun is dwindling away for a few months, before it starts to come back…

For Vancouver, the sun is still out, but it’s getting damn cold. Everyone seems to think we’re headed for a monster snow dump like a few years back so I’ve already begun sacrificing animals to the Driving Gods in hopes that people understand: No Winter Tires = Fail.

On the plus side, should we get oodles of snow my brother and I have been training our dog to pull carts and sleighs so it should be good times in the 'burbs. :slight_smile:

well I didn’t see any photo yet.Could u post it here.Love summer…love October=.=

Fall is arriving in Santa Fe, NM. The temperature was 37 F (4 C) this morning. The Mountains above Santa Fe are golden with the Aspen leaves. At night we can roasting chile mixed with Piñon smoke from a few fireplaces.


We are at the winter season from last few days. Now preparing some rugs to keep myself warm:)

I was about to ask you for some pics, but quoting your post I see that you already tried to embed some pics from your FB album. I don’t see them here, though. Maybe you could attach them to your post? They are very nice.

Beijing, cool! :slight_smile:
Any pictures?

[FONT=“Georgia”]We only have two seasons here in the tropics.

Right now we’re in rainy season.[/FONT]


I’m travelling in Beijing, here is autumn- A good season for visting.:lol:

Early to Mid Autumn here in New England. A lot of folks like coming here to look at the foliage - i.e. “leaf peepers” - but there are still some flowers to be seen (lots of Asters).

The Faeries have their Hips and the Hawthornes have their Haws

I didn’t see any question mark :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you click on ‘Go advanced’ instead of ‘Post quick reply’, scrolling down there should be a ‘Manage attachments’ button.

But, the link you posted to the facebook album works fine for me. Let’s hope it also works for people that aren’t logged into FB.

Are you talking about the golden hills? I doubt they’re golden in the summer :shifty:

I am in Mount Maunganui N Z with the beach and surf! My paradise is not far from yours. I will be dragging myself away from website design and visiting your neck of the woods this weekend as we bring a yacht up the coast for the race on the 22nd. Do you get out on the water? Are you around westhaven on sunday?

It’s autumn here. Although in Rome the weather is still beautiful, and so is the sunset :slight_smile:

Just heading into winter.
I spent a crapload on snow tires last year though, that seemed to have stopped the snow dead in it’s tracks. Maybe that juju will hold.
I kinda hope not, snow is beautiful until it gets dirty and/or you see too much of it too often. Right now we have weather. Just weather, not really good or bad.