January Photo Showcase - The Weather

The weather in NZ is amazing at this time of year - we’re just kicking off our summer time. For that reason I thought that the weather might be a great subject for this month’s showcase.

Let’s see what it’s doing in your part of the world.

This shot was taken a couple of days ago at Castle Point, on the east coast of the North Island of NZ.

Approaching winter on the Victorian coastline.

Mid summer on the Queensland coastline.

WOW!!! You guys live in pretty places!!!

I decided some time ago that I MUST visit NZ before I get (too) old. Now I just need to win the lottery.

Do it.

This is the weather in Spain, everything is green and wet.
While the other 2 freezing pic’s are from Russia with love, even though I posted one of them elsewhere, I thought it was appropriate here too :stuck_out_tongue: (this & last month freezing).

what a beautful place!

I’m writing from San Diego, CA and, as most people have heard, the weather here is usually awesome. We recently had some heavy rain here but I was getting out of my car the day after and I saw something so I had to get out my phone and take a couple of snaps. I had to merge 2 of them together but the result is pretty cool (IMHO…)

It’s winter here, but the last couple of days the weather has been quite nice. Around 16°C and a cloudless sky.

I was testing my new camera yesterday. It has a great zoom :slight_smile:

I like that statue. And with the ice starting to cover it, it becomes quite spectacular. Nice picture :slight_smile:

Couldn’t help sharing this photo of the “harmattan” (cold weather) season in Nigeria (Africa). My friends and I were visiting some December’s ago.

With love from balmy Minnesota!

I kid you not… almost 7 feet of snowbank on either side of a sidewalk on University Avenue in St. Paul.

This was taken the Friday after the big snowstorm we had here in Minnesota.

We had between 15-21 inches (depending on what region/city) fall in a matter of just a few hours on Sunday, Dec. 11th.

This is from a shoot I did at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis on 2 January 2011. It’s an awesome venue for photography.

This is our Christmas puppy Rosy, a 10-week old Bernese Mountain Dog who couldn’t be happier.
We expect another foot of snow (at least) tomorrow.

@jimfromsd, this is a really good take of a rainbow. Thank you so much for posting this one out here. Love it.

Awesome photo!
Is it ironic that the rainbow ends at In-And-Out?

Well I’m trying, but my numbers just aren’t coming up! :stuck_out_tongue:

this is Sony my pet.i just captured the picture when he was doing his lunch.:D:D:D

Where did you get this reptile?

I am crazy for reptiles,I purchased it from India & now its living with me in UK.