November Photo Challenge: Springing and falling

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In the US this weekend, we will ‘fall back’ from daylight savings time to standard time, but our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere (like at SP headquarters) will be ‘springing forward’. All in all, the change of seasons made me think of the many things associated with springing and falling. So, this month’s Photo Challenge, can you show us what makes you spring forward or fall back?

Although seasonal, nature photos are always welcome, your photos don’t have to be seasonal. Whether it’s weather or whether it’s something else, from leaves falling to kangaroos jumping… show us your photos!

We’ll run a poll at the end of the challenge again and the poll winner will receive their choice of a free SitePoint eBook. choose from new releases like “The Web Designer’s Roadmap” by Giovanni Difeterici and “Killer UX Design” by Jodie Moule or choose any eBook in the SitePoint library.

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Those of us in the southern states of Australia commenced daylight saving a month ago so we will not be “springing forward” again - although it is still Spring here.

Heh heh, what about kangaroos falling? This is a pic taken through our kitchen window. Admittedly, these critters hang around all year long, but they like to sit close to the house and sun themselves when the weather is warmer, as it is now. And this is the time of year when they have little ones around, which is fun to watch.

Far out! (Really far out from MN, USA!) I love this one! :camera: :tup:

If you read the whole thread, you should understand that this thread is not about the time change, although it inspired me to think of it. It’s about photos of things that spring forward or fall back.

To ALL: Please no comments here unless they are about one of the photographs. Thank you.

Wooow, I love it. You can watch them from your house, they come that near? Aren’t they afraid of people?
jeez, I gotta visit Australia some day!

You only get to go if you take me with you! :stuck_out_tongue:

[FONT=Verdana]Definitely can’t compete with @ralph_m’s great picture in terms of cuteness.

I’m not quite sure if this counts, because it’s not springing and falling (thankfully :eek:), but it is forward and back. We had gone with a friend for a walk in the woods to see the snowdrops, when we came across this makeshift swing, made out of a fishing float. Naturally, Running Bear and I felt obliged to test it. (And there are plenty of fallen leaves on the ground - and some spring daffodils springing up. ;))


looks to me like you’ve got it all covered – springing, falling and back and forth. Excellent!

That’s a great picture, @TechnoBear. A lot of interest in it, and nicely framed and taken. Is that one of you in the pic?

Our place is on the fringes of the metro area (semi-rural) so this is a common sight. They are afraid of people, but if you’re inside the house and they can’t see you, they often come up close like that. I was moving carefully near the window, because if they’d seen too much movement, they would have hopped away. I do find it fun to have them around, though. We see them pretty much every day. They often rush across the property in big mobs (I think that’s the collective noun!); other times they hang around and eat grass.

You don’t see them often in more suburban areas, although it does happen, especially as they follow their way along waterways. A week or so ago a kangaroo made [URL=“”]headlines by somehow finding its way to the fifth level of the carpark at our international airport!

“Springing and Falling” was once again not easy to find suitable pictures :frowning:

Seasons here in Thailand vary very little. Sunrise and sunset are 06:00 and 18:30 respectively and vary over the year by plus/minus 30 minutes. Temperature range from a minimum of 13°C (55°F) to a maximum of 35°C (95°F).

But we do have spring cleaning and last month the painters were here and…

fortunately there was no falling…

It sounds wonderful, I will visit some day, and see it too :smiley: such amazing animals.

Sure - as long as you pay for drinks :stuck_out_tongue:

[FONT=Verdana]That’s Running Bear - the oldest swinger in town. :lol: I did have a shot, too - and he has the photos to prove it. :eek: (Our 73-year-old pal would also have had a go, but her arthritis was particularly bad that day. :()

This picture is of fallen roof tiles on our village hall after January’s storm.


Great photo, but that’s really a shame. It’s a lovely old building and must have cost a fortune to repair.

Off Topic:

Tell you what, Crazy… you pay my air fare to Australia from Minnesota USA and I’ll buy you all the drinks you can drink! :lol:

Ouch. Have they fixed it yet?

Off Topic:

I found a video on YouTube about Islay (was surprised by the pronunciation of that, too—a bit like “eye-la”?). It looks like a really beautiful place.


They have indeed. It was done remarkably quickly, too. Perhaps the insurance companies were working faster than usual, given the scale of the storm. We’re used to storms here, but that one was something else. I couldn’t believe it when we went for a walk next day and saw the hall - half the roof stripped on either side and you could see right through.


That’s right. (The Gaelic name is Ìle - pronounce more like “ee-la”.) You mean you’re a singer and you don’t know “Westering Home”?

It is. :slight_smile: It’s known as “Queen of the Hebrides” and has surprisingly varied scenery for the size of it.[/ot]


That would probably cost you more than paying for the flight - remember, I’m a Viking from the north, and we are born with a drinking horn of mead in our hands :stuck_out_tongue: [/ot]

Heres whats going on here at this time of year :smiley:

Heres a blizzard the other day

a snowfall yesterday filled the trees with snow, and made it look like christmas today

This time of year makes me hunt the northern lights, and this one I call “Aurora River” as it floated like a big river over the night sky :slight_smile:

oh, and my camera was falling off a cliff, so there were some falling too :smiley:

wind springing up, snow falling, lights floating… You got it all! :slight_smile: and beautiful photos, too! (I sure hope you were able to retrieve your camera undamaged!)

Thanks, its a beautiful time of year here now :slight_smile:

The camera needed to be repaired, but the lens died - but I have more cameras so it’s not a crisis.