Not really planning to sell, but curious about the price

Hi everybody!

I have a site - . The site is 12 years old and gets about 5,000 uniques a day. It’s also highly ranked in Google on many relevant keywords.

Now - throughout this time, I’ve been offered anywhere from $10K to $40K for the site. I have to idea if those are legitimate ball-park offers.

I wonder how much the site is worth - just in case I go broke and need to sell off my assets. I am sure, people here have much more experience in buying/selling websites and would be able to give me their expert advice.

Eagerly awaiting your estimates,

Your site is not that reputed, it has PR 3 only. Sorry to say but I dont think on sale of this site you can get $10K, its very high expectation.

PR is way down the list of things buyers look at.

What’s more interesting to them is what money the site makes less the costs of running it (and how long it’s been that way). Can you tell us those figures?

Take a look at the website with similar stats (traffic mainly) that have sold on Flippa.

In fact, there’s a similar site that sold in March.

Doesn’t seem like a lot. $1,000 - $2,500 for a site with 150,000 monthly uniques (and about 1 million page views) seems like a giveaway - that money can be made off of ad networks in 5 months (assuming 50cents eCPM, recouping $2,500).

If you can find ad networks who will pay an average of net $0.50 CPM to be placed next to some of the content on that site without being part of a larger package, I’d be surprised. Also, the site was only getting 168,000 page views per month, not 1 million, and less than half of those visits were from the US.

Even with your optimistic CPM rate and 4 ads per page, that works out to $336 in gross revenue per month, so $2500 isn’t unreasonable for a quick sale.

If you want someone to give you a realistic estimate for your site, you need to provide the following information:

unique visitors per month
page views per month
revenue per month
expenses per month
time spent on the site per day/week

Otherwise, the valuations you receive will be as good as the first response to your post. That said, I can’t imagine that a joke site with 5,000 uniques a day is making so much that you wouldn’t jump at a $40k offer, unless you are making money from methods other than banner ads.

I have to idea if those are legitimate ball-park offers

Every offer is a legitimate offer if it’s backed by someone’s intention to buy and his ready funds.

If you mean to ask if it’s a fair price, nobody can tell you that without knowing a lot more details about the site including what benitez17 has listed.

If you’re not impressed with the selling price of that example LukeMoulton gave you, you won’t be impressed with the bids you get for your own site. Whatever the site owner may think of his site - and most have a very high opinion of sites they own - it’s ultimately the market that decides whether the site is worth what you’d like it to be worth.

If you really want to find out the level of interest in your site (and you’re happy to part with $19 for the exercise), list it on and see what the bidding gets to. Make sure you add a reserve of course.