Selling brand new WP site questions

I wanted to ask if it would possible to sell a site based on potential because of what it has and offers and not on traffic or revenue yet.

For example I build a site with a premium theme from studio press ($79) I install WP robot (169) RSS pro poster (47) WP unique (32) Video Jackpot ($100) images from shutterstock ($50) and all the free recommended plugins. The domain would come from research on niche finder (90) and I would highlight that as well.

Do you think it would be possible to sell a brand new site based on this information, on the potential traffic and revenue a site like this can generate with adsense, amazon and clickbank?

I’m talking maybe $50 per site, I don’t know if that is too low or too high, or if it would even sell, I would also offer free hosting and free domain transfer and help on everything needed but again I don’t know if it would sell.

I created a subdomain site just to practice, can you tell me it if looks like a site that could be sold Currency Trading. again that was only practice and I don’t think I would pick such a competitive niche.

thank you for your help

There is always a chance you can find an idiot around somewhere :slight_smile:

No harm in trying but I doubt anyone would be interested in your site unless it makes some good money already.

Making money or not there are a lot of wesites selling that have no profit but I think you need to do something more.If you want to make good profit then its better to get some profit with your website and sell it a little later. When your site is making 30 to 100 dollars per month from adsense then it will sell for pretty more money. Setting up sites you can get them sold from 10 to 150 on flippa but you have a lot more work we you setup as profitable site you can get more money with one that with 10 sites that have no profit.
Quality is allways the best way to go and each niche has its number one but even this can change.
Hope you know what I mean. There is no fast cash even on the net.